The success key, Hard work, Hard work and success

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                               The success key, Hard work                                                                                                                   


                                                                                                                                                  Once there lived a farmer in a village. He had four sons. They were very lazy. They used to waste their time in chatting.  The farmer was “worried” about them.                                                             one day the farmer called, his son. “He said” to them, “Many years ago ” I buried a pot full of gold coin in the form. Now I don’t remember, the exact place where I buried the pot. I have no strength to  dig it out. So after my death all of you should have the pot.”                                                                         After Some days the farmer fell ill and died. Then sons of the farmer work hard to dig the farmer but could not find the pot.                                                                                                             Then one of their neighbors suggested them to sow the seeds of a crop because the land v prepared for a good crop.              They sowed the seeds of a crop and there was a good crop that year there never visited them on a day when they where reaping the crop.                                                                                                       The
neighbor said, “dear boys, this crop is the pot of gold about which your father talk to you. To teach you a good Lesson he lied. He wanted to teach you how to work hard. He had told me about it earlier. You should know that hard work is the key to success.”                                                                                                    Since then the farmer’s sons came to know the value of hard work. From that time onward they worked hard and grew rich and happy.

Amar Deep Pathik

Amar Deep Pathik

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